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Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is fast becoming the heating system of choice for many new projects, from self build to large commercial. Lower running costs & energy consumption with total control, Screedflo UFH is the clear choice  to use on your project.

Under Floor Heating Installation

Our in-house installation team can now offer a service from installation of your insulation preparation to the choice of under floor heating right to the manifold level. Coupled with our Screedflo flowing screed system, which fully encapsulates the under floor heating pipes eliminating voids, Screedflo UFH & Screedflo dB UFH systems are an effective choice over traditional sand/cement screeds.

Our preferred sub contractor can also fully supply & commission heating and hot water systems (if required).

Screed Depths

The minimum depth of screed required above the pipework or cables is 30mm. With electrical systems this usually means that the screed can stay at the standard 40mm. Water based systems typically require 50mm-55mm of screed.

Screedflo dB UFH

With most upper timber floors, under floor heating is expensive to install, and not very effective, as there is insufficient thermal mass to allow it to work efficiently. The Screedflo dB floor system is ideal for use with underfloor heating, as the screed fully encapsulates the cables or pipes, has excellent thermal conductivity and minimal thermal expansion. This allows the heating to work as efficiently as possible. Additionally, the dBoard provides a firm base to attach the underfloor heating elements to, without the use of expensive proprietary hanging systems that are usually required with timber joisted floors.

dB Insulation

The insulation provided by the dB system means that no additional insulation is required to make underfloor heating work efficiently.

Key Benefits

Flowing screed batched on site to a controlled consistency to fully encompass in-floor heating pipes.
Elimination of voids resulting in uniform heat transfer & thermal efficiency of the UFH system.
Reduced screed depth when compared to traditional sand/cement screeds.
Increased productivity of screed- 500-1000m2 per day can be achieved.
Extremely low shrinkage - does not curl & minimal cracking.
Ready for foot traffic in 24-48 hours.
Heating systems can be commissioned as early as 7 days after installation of screed.

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